Almost There: DIY: Fun Wedding RSVP Tracker

Sunday, January 27, 2013

DIY: Fun Wedding RSVP Tracker

If there's anything I dislike more than disorganization, it is definitely Excel spreadsheets. Or Google spreadsheets. Hell, any kind of spreadsheet just screams absolute boredom to me. 

So when I thought about tracking my wedding RSVPs, I couldn't imagine attempting to use a boring computer document file. 

Plus, I'm ridiculously excited about this party, so I really wanted something on my wall that I could look at everyday and smile. 

Since we didn't send out response cards with our invites, I've been getting e-mail, phone call, Facebook, Twitter and verbal, "Hey, I'm coming," responses. It's a little intense for my scattered bridal brain to track.

Short story long, I made this fun wedding RSVP tracker to hang on my wall. It was simple, cheap and most importantly didn't take very long to create. 

In case you need a fun way to track your wedding RSVP's, here's a tutorial on my little DIY.

  • Old book pages
  • Acrylic paint and paintbrushes
  • String
  • Cork boards 
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Thumb tacks

Make a wedding RSVP tracker

I decided to use book pages as the canvas for my RSVP banner because we are incorporating books into our wedding reception decor. (You know, I'm a writer and all). 

Anyway, I chose red and teal because those are our colors and just painted simple little patterns on the pages. Once they were dry, I strung them up and had this lovely little banner. It really does make me smile. 

I decided instead of "yes" and "no," these would be more appropriate labels. 

Then to make my name labels, I just cut out various triangles and rectangles. Now, every time someone responds, I'll just write their names on one of my little shapes and tack it up. Even the "aww" responses won't be so bad with fun shapes.

Has anyone else made any type of RSVP tracker? I'd love to see other ideas. 

—Holli Anne

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