Almost There: DIY: Earring Wall Decor

Friday, January 4, 2013

DIY: Earring Wall Decor

Instead of that tiny apartment I used to live in, I now live in a town house where my bedroom and office space are one and the same. You won't hear me complaining about it because the room is gigantic. I have three closets (another thing you won't hear my complain about). So when it comes to decorating the walls here, I've been kind of hesitant. I love unique wall pieces but hate using nails. They are way too permanent. I like the option of moving things around depending on my mood. I also really dig decor that isn't perfect in the least--something you see and know that someone worked on it personally.

On top of trying to figure out how to decorate, I also needed to figure out where to put my hanging earrings. I have SO many and I'd like to think they are all kind of random and unique. I usually spend some time trying to figure out which ones to wear so I wanted to be able to browse easily.

ALSO, I needed them to be away from my ferocious lion of a cat Milo!

So, this is what I came up with!


I have a wall length mirror that sits under this section of wall that I have dedicated to my hanging earrings. It's totally functional, super easy to do, and can be changed in a snap! 
It makes me so happy to look at! Especially with my favorite piece of artwork by Yukalaleigh! (Check out this older post about this awesome artist!)

What you need is super cheap!
  • Washi Tape (I got mine at Target.)
  • String/hemp/yarn (Mine is from Hobby Lobby. I used 1-ply because I didn't want it too thick.)
  • Scissors
For stability I used two pieces of tape on each end and then one in the middle to make kind of a mustache look. (Don't they kind of look like mustaches?!) Then I hung my earrings up! 

I was worried that they would look weird because they were directly against the wall but I have to say it worked out wonderfully!

I also am really happy how the 1-ply looks. It doesn't take away from the tape or the earrings themselves. 

Now when I get ready I can just look at this little section of wall and browse easily! Not to mention, Milo can't touch them!

-Chick Tyler (aka Tyler Anne)

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