Almost There: Thrifty Finds: Groom's gear, vintage albums, lamps!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Thrifty Finds: Groom's gear, vintage albums, lamps!

I am pretty obsessed with thrift store shopping, and where I live, I'm fortunate to have TONS of places to go. Thrifting is pretty much what me and Joseph do for weekend fun.

So here's the goodies we acquired this weekend:

1. Awesome vintage yellow photo albums. Perfect for some future Instagram collections. Total: $4.64

2. An adorable lamp shade to match one of my many unshaded thrifted lamps. I'm leading toward keeping it on that yellow one, but I also have a teal one and gold one that it would look pretty nice on. Total: $1.01

3. Groom's gear! I'm so stoked about this. Our colors are red and teal, so we have this teal shirt (that is SO nice!), red tie with little teal circular patterns and a grey vest with teal stripes. Bonus, it was all HALF off at already low prices. Total: $7.60!!!

4. Lacey table cloths. Those lace cloths underneath everything are some cool table cloths we thought we could use at our wedding somehow. Total: $3

Damage done: $16.25

Considering we just outfitted my groom-to-be, I'm extremely pleased with this trip!

Anyone else thrifted anything fun this lately?

—Holli Anne

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