Almost There: The Most Important Tool to Success

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Most Important Tool to Success

You know those weeks where all the things that could go a little wrong sorta do? This is definitely one of those for me.

Don't worry, this post is not going to be me whining about my life. The reasons for my crummy week are things that happen to everyone—not necessarily the literal details—but some things are stressful, other things happen on top of that and eventually there's a breaking point that enters your week under the "bad" classification. 

One of the specific things was a little setback in my freelance work, but, after shedding a few obligatory tears, I realized something really awesome. 

Someone asked me if I was going to do get a different job, and I realized that wasn't something I hadn't even considered that once. It was literally not an option. 

Even better, I realized that I had truly obtained the most important ingredient of success: belief.

Let me explain.

I have always been a "successful" person on paper. I made top grades in school , I got a good job as a journalist after college and was promoted soon after. When it was time for a new path, I went back to grad school, worked two jobs and made more good grades. 

But as it came time to almost graduate, I had a major quarter life crisis. The reason? I had worked one job I didn't want to go back to and was working toward a new want I didn't want to start. I knew there was something different in me and that there had to be another way. All I wanted to do was create, but the impracticality seemed impossible to overcome. 

Then I stumbled upon the best thing anyone could have ever told me: You are a writer, as long as you are writing.

That's when things started to change.

In my mind, even though I had my writing published in newspapers and magazines around the area, I considered writers to be people who published books, or even more, published best-selling books. You know, people who were known.

Once I had that cleared up, I applied the same things to all my goals. 

I am a business owner. I am a blogger. I am a good cook. I am crafty. I am creative. I am a writer.

If you are a visitor of this blog (thank you, by the way) there's a good chance you are creative in some way, too. And in case no one else ever told you this, I will: the secret to your success ail boils down to your own belief.

You are not successful, rather, when someone else labels you that. You are successful when you do. 

That's the funny thing about us creative-types. We don't create because we want to. We do it because we have to. Because literally, there's nothing better we could be doing. And whether you are taking the time to create or not, it's likely you always want something more.

Whatever your goal, whether its working for yourself, selling your art, or just waking up and doing something you love before you go to your "day job," define it. Deem yourself successful, and you'll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Don't worry about if you are there or not…you are always ALMOST THERE! 

Tell me how you are successful in the comments. 

—Holli Anne

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